AI-powered chatbots

SME is a proud partner with UIB, to create and promote a chatbot platform uniquely programmed by the leading experts in the world technology. Converse and engage with your portal visitors via Multi Platform Support and a lot more features. Contact us to know more about the scopes and benefits of our chatbots.

Get up and running quickly with pre-built bots

We used decades of consumer data and a powerful AI-engine to build industry-specific chatbots that are easy to implement and customize. These ready-to-go bot templates address industry-specific use cases and include pre-configured intents and dialogue flows along with necessary integrations into back office systems. With advanced natural language processing capabilities, you can rest assured that consumer inquiries will trigger the right bot responses for a seamless conversational experience on the most popular messaging channels.

Conversation Builder makes bot-building easy

Conversation Builder extends bot-building capabilities beyond the traditional developer. Non-technical employees like content creators and customer care professionals are now empowered to build and optimize bots with the ability to customize pre-built bot templates or to create brand new bots from scratch. Our intuitive and user-friendly Conversation Builder makes everything from configuring intents to dialogue flows seamless.

Maven AI understands, recommends, and learns

We connect every step of the consumer journey to our proprietary AI, Maven. Maven uses advanced Natural Language Understanding to detect intents and dynamically routes conversations to the best chatbot or human agent based on intent, context, and predictive attributes.

Maven Assist analyzes active conversations to recommend the optimal content and chatbots for human agents to use to resolve consumer inquiries. Maven learns over time to continually improve routing and recommendations, enhancing efficiency and outcomes with highly personalized consumer experiences.

Real-time intent analysis for improved customer interactions

LivePerson’s LiveIntent uses AI to examine consumer conversations, identify intents in real time, and deliver actionable insights for brands to quickly optimize messaging and automation operations.

It features a holistic dashboard that makes it easy to discover and define intents, prioritize intents with the highest impact, and measure how well specific intents are handled throughout the entire consumer journey.

Conversational Intelligence dashboard tracks performance

The conversational analytics dashboard has something for everyone. Whether you’re in marketing, customer care or IT, this robust set of reports helps gauge ROI through metrics like conversions and containment. And you can understand customer satisfaction in real time through a combination of sentiment scores and conversation survey results.

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