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The hospitality industry has often faced issues where customer service and marketing are concerned. Good customer service and marketing is rewarded with repeat business and increased sales, while poor customer service results in a bad reputation.

Our software and hardware ensure you give a great service, regardless of the type of outlet you operate.

Point of Sale Technology (POS)

Our POS software ensures you can take payments remotely, utilising 21st century payment options such as PayPal as well as cards and cash. As the software can be used to check in hotel guests or take restaurant orders, you minimise error and poor customer service. Specials and special offers can be shown directly to guests at a dinner table. Guests can be checked in and assisted before they arrive.

Improved Communication with Guests and Passengers

No matter where you use our solutions, you can improve communication with your guests. You can pass on special offers or real time information. To assist with communication we have developed smartphone apps that enable you to put your message in the palm of your guests or passengers’’ hands.

Reach Guests with Tablet Technology

Tablet technology allows you to show menus to guests in hotels and cabins. Via the tablet, showcasing special offers and driving sales easy. The system accommodates loyalty programmes, and calculates savings automatically. Once again human error is removed.

The hardware has a highly intuitive design that makes it easy for your staff to use the technology. Click here to discover the hardware that can drive your business forward.

Stock Traceability & Accountability

The system keeps track of inventory automatically and reorder levels can be set in accordance with usage. Cash flow and tracing revenue is built in so you know that every penny you should have, you do have.

Make Better Decisions

The software provides real time accurate reporting. You can drill down and retrieve the data you need to make better business decisions.  From your smartphone, you can manage multiple outlets, and track metrics such as staff performance, cash flow and revenue, over any time period you need.

Cloud based or Standalone

The system can operate on a standalone basis, or you can opt for a cloud based solution, making long term cost savings and benefiting from a more dynamic operation.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

With mobile hardware and software at the helm assisting your staff, you streamline processes that slow down workflow, accomplishing tasks much sooner. Your chefs can be working on orders that they receive as soon as the table staff have taken the order. Your hotel staff can check in guests faster and easier.


Establish a Solid Reputation for your Hospitality Business

With SME at the helm you can drive sales and give a far better customer service to your guests and passengers, regardless of the type of outlet you operate. Our solutions give you the capability to improve every aspect of your business.

Contact us and discover how you can make your business thrive.

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