Streamlining the processes

SME Enterprise Resource Planning (SME) is designed to improve every aspect of your real estate organisation. With SME at the helm you will:

Improve Productivity

SME integrates with other software solutions making communication faster, and streamlines administration. Tasks that were process heavy simply no longer exist. Your organisation will be more agile.

Improved Procurement & Management

Seeing the big picture on your supply chain and inventory management is easy with SME. You can store supplier details and set up every aspect of MRP to keep your supply chain moving. Every procurement and inventory management module integrates with other system modules enabling you to manage the system.

Improved Cost Management

You can implement cost controls and procedures with ease, establishing a robust approval system and budget allocation. The system ensures compliancy with your financial policy.

Cloud Based

The system can work as a standalone solution, or you can operate in the cloud, bringing cost savings and smarter working.

Avoid legal issues

Local and global compliance is built into the system.


Win more Contracts today

With improved productivity and agility, comes improved reputation and more contract wins.

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